The story of bel aarabiye

Bel aarabiye's concept aims at promoting the Arabic language in the most realistic and simple way possible. Every statement shares a story lived by one or many.

Bel aarabiye started as a simple page on social media in 2016, sharing Arabic statements and quotes which would hopefully invite the audience to reconnect with the beautiful language. Bit by bit, bel aarabiye became a platform encouraging unknown and shy Arabic writers and copywriters to express themselves and share their words by co-writing on the concept's channels. In 2020, bel aarabiye went to the next level, introducing merchandising to the concept. Today, it's your go-to Arabic items & services e-shop. The main writer is the founder and designer of bel aarabiye, with a background of Marketing and Communication, a strong passion for writing since childhood, solid Lebanese roots, and the life motto "Al Hayat Hob" (Love is Life).
Every item created by bel aarabiye is locally produced or handmade. Each collaboration supports local artists and providers. Each branded item is unique, with its personal and everlasting Arabic statement, making it the perfect and memorable gift or souvenir, to others or to self!

Life's a journey, and within every journey, there are a million stories. Tell or read those stories in the most expressive, poetic, and authentic way, in the beautiful Arabic language. We are Arabic, we are Lebanese.

Who is bel aarabiye

The first brand promoting the Arabic language through merchandising items online.

We sell a variety of products including fashion & apparel items, and lifestyle & home accessories.

Each bel aarabiye item has a unique Arabic statement created by one of bel aarabiye's writers.

Bel aarabiye's statements and copywriting services cater to all occasions and life events.

We provide online Conversational Levantine (Lebanese) Arabic tutoring sessions for those who need them, starting the age of 8 years.